In Memory of my loving dad

Kunwar Hemendra Shah, know to all as Raja Bela is a name which hardly anyone will forget in Palia Kalan, Lakhimpur Kheri. A blue blooded soul born in Vizianagaram on 9th March 1931. Has spent his early days in Andhra Pradesh and later moved to Northern India.


Son to Kunwar Upendra Bahadur Shah, of Khairigarh- Singhai estate, and ____________ of Vizianagaram Estate. He moved to  Bela Kalan, Lakhimpur Kheri in 1950 to control vast land tracts of Singhai estate.

Educated from Col. Brown, Deheradun and his last attended school was St. Francis, Lucknow. He was an average student and an extrovert  and strongly believed in practical aspect of life. He strongly believed practical experience scores over school degree's. Not a great sports lover, as he developed bronchial asthma in his early days and loved to spend time with elders and his father, whom he idolises. He strongly believed that the knowledge and experience shared by the elders whom he spent his early school days were the most valuable asset of his life & it helped him to take strong decision in later stages of his life.

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